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Discover Nutrition Freedom!

You only have one body, we will teach you how to feed it for life!

Lose weight eating doughnuts from Five Daughters Bakery and drinking Dry Creek wine?


The Diet Doc Lifestyle is your path away from rigid meal plans and toward your dream body. You can enjoy life's "foodie" pleasures while reaching your physique goals—work hard and play hard!

Let us apply nutrition science to your unique body type, food preferences, and goals. We can build the structure and coach you through a custom program that allows a lifestyle of sustainable success. The habits and attitudes we create together can transform every aspect of life. Partner with us to customize your Diet Doc Lifestyle into one of confidence and freedom!

Your success plan starts with a consultation with one of our coaches to determine the right program and structure uniquely for your lifestyle. We start with the basics:

  • What are your goals (weight loss, performance, muscle gain)?
  • What is your current relationship with food?
  • Where and when do you eat?
  • What do you eat?
  • Do you have any restrictions in your diet or physical movement?

Once we have the basics, we can then build a program profile and support uniquely for you to not only achieve your nutritional goals but sustain them indefinitely.

What is the Diet Doc Lifestyle?

Shannon Morse, of The Diet Doc of San Francisco, and Erin Murrell, of The Diet Doc Nashville, have come together to create the Diet Doc Lifestyle!

We approach health as building a foundation — when all systems are put into place with care and quality, the result is true health, fitness, and an increased quality and longevity of life.

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Discover our Programs

Nutrition Coaching

Each program is based on the concept of a collaborative relationship between coach and client.

Awareness of the importance attributed to macro-nutrient balancing, timing and in dealing with changing, sometimes daily, lifestyle demands are a large part of the coaching process and education of how to deal with nutrition effortlessly.

check_circle Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Workshops

A class syllabus and topics may include the benefits of proper nutrition; bio-energetics (energy systems of the body and how they operate); macro-nutrient planning and requirements for athletic performance; calculating BMR and Macro-nutrient balancing requirements; importance of water and hydration on performance and muscle support; athletic performance caloric intake, cycling and requirements; meal frequency and nutrient timing for performance and recovery; InBody composition assessment and analysis.

check_circle Nutrition Workshops

Corporate Wellness

The corporate wellness challenge has been designed to empower and support employees with a basic knowledge and structure to implement regarding their fitness and nutrition program.

This is an opportunity for employees to gain personal knowledge and receive support/counsel using science based information to assist them in improving for progress and overall health.

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